I’ll hold my hand up and apologise for being so slack in updating the blog but I do actually have a good excuse.

We said goodbye to the matriarch of our family.

My grandmother was a wonderful woman who is a part of all the family in our many traits; be it strength of character, loving the importance of family, faith in God, consummate musical ability (skipped me…), love of cooking and appreciation of whiskey.

However, she came into her own at Christmas.  The ubiquitous question “what are you doing for Christmas?” being uttered any time from the end of August onwards!  Once the question had been asked, it was open season to discuss menus, sort out who was making what and where we’d all be.  We had pretty much sorted out the menu for this year before she passed, so it’s not changing.

When my grandfather was alive, they used to hold the most wonderful Christmas parties for friends and colleagues from Truro’s Chamber of Commerce and Rotary.  When old enough, I was drafted in to help serve drinks, canapés and clear up.  The buffet groaned under the amount of wonderful food, exquisitely presented and the trick was always to grab one of the devilled eggs before they disappeared!

Her legacy recipe for Christmas Pudding will be made with extra special attention this year – and before you get all huffy at the fact that I still haven’t made it even though Stir-Up Sunday has been and gone, this recipe can be made on Christmas Eve and it is the lightest, flavourful and moist pudding EVER.  So ner.

I will miss her terribly but the sadness is lessened when I think how lucky I was to have spent 40 years with her as an integral part of my life, how she was there alongside all my milestones and how proud I was that she witnessed my youngest son taking up the musical mantle when he was made up as a chorister in the local Cathedral.

I wish I could say ‘thank you’ just one more time.