Well sort of.  For years, we’ve chosen a whole bird; my husband has done extensive research into the best cooking methods and has always produced a phenomenal result.  However, I couldn’t get my head around the waste – I detest brown meat – and I don’t have a stock pot large enough to contain the carcass of a 14lb-er!

Now I adore watching every Christmas cooking show on the run up to the big day and I pore over Good Housekeeping’s ideas and tips but nothing has said more festive loveliness than Tom Kerridge’s Christmas special.  I swear I could smell what was cooking!toms_turkey_roll_with_44115_16x9  That’s when we saw the answer to our culinary quandary…

This little beauty is a turkey crown roll, stuffed with, um, stuffing and coated in BBQ sauce and crushed somethingorother.

I don’t follow the recipe to the letter as I prefer Gary Rhodes’ Sage, Onion and Lemon stuffing recipe and would rather wrap the turkey roll in bacon-y goodness  but those are my personal choices, you might fancy trying the proper version and if you do, let me know how it goes!

We’ve done this 3 times (twice one year!) and it has never failed.  The meat is juicy, not dry, and there isn’t an ounce of waste, especially when we’ve attacked it in the evening in doorstep sandwiches with lashings of leftover bread sauce… I better stop, I’m salivating and it’s still over an hour ’til lunch!

I’d love to hear what you cook for the main meal and whether you use family recipes.  Comment below – don’t be shy!