So now that you’ve (hopefully) had a look at my Christmas Planner, I hope you have downloaded and started to fill it in!  I thought – rather modestly – that you might like to know what prompted me to undertake such a task.  

Firstly, I’d like to make an admission: I start thinking about Christmas in July, if not before.  I have a childlike fascination with the whole season and like nothing better than thinking about drinks parties we could have, house decorations we could put up, sumptuous dishes I could cook, creative meals I could whip up from leftovers on the 27th and people would still love turkey!  However the key word in that last sentence is “could”.

I never manage any of those things.

stress-cartoon-198197I set out with the best intentions and then get dissolve into a serious meltdown brought on by the fact that I haven’t remembered to make the Christmas cake (that no-one eats), haven’t ordered the turkey, haven’t asked the childerbeasts what plastic nastiness they desire this year, haven’t written any cards or bought one single present yet and it’s 13th December.

So this planner is simply born out of necessity.  However, I’m in danger of becoming smug as I’ve already planned Christmas Lunch.  And the wine.  In fact, I’ve been doing a significant amount of in depth research into which wine to serve with turkey… *hic*