October 2015

Coming soon: FREE A5 Printable Christmas Planner

Apologies for the delay in the next post but I’m making your early Christmas present!  It should be ready really soon, so I hope you think it’s worth the wait!



A thorny side to the Festivities 

I’m not sure that a huge amount of families go through this, as we’re very lucky to live close to both grandmothers, but about this time of year, we start thinking about where we’re going to be spending our Christmas Day. Continue reading “A thorny side to the Festivities “

Christmas is all about…

…food.  There.  I said it.  My maternal family is one of ‘feeders’; almost my entire childhood was centred around meals with the extended family.  If my cousins were down, we’d be invited to BBQs, roast lunches, everything revolved around stuffing our faces.   Continue reading “Christmas is all about…”

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