So I purchased one Advent Tree from Hobbycraft (more to check if the idea was still a go-er!) and although horrendously early, yes it appears the idea has legs.

I feel it a tad early to start thinking about decorating it, so it’s been put away safely until next month, however I feel it safe to start thinking about the ‘treats’ that go in the drawers.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 21.43.40So this is one page from last year: the boys received the same vouchers but on different days, to vary the theme.  Most of them were ‘transferable’, if signed by the initial recipient (T&C on the back!).

Also bear in mind that these were centred around where we live and/or our commute route to and from school and Cathedral Choir duties.

As the Advent Tree has drawers, I can include some treats as well – one of last year’s gob stoppers was still going well into July!

This year, as the boys have grown up, I’d like to introduce more things to do with the community we live in and giving to charity; focussing more on what we’re thankful for than what we have or want.

Of course, there’ll still be a healthy dose of amusement.  I’m contemplating a ‘trick’ voucher; something along the lines of “having to hold hands with your brother during the entire trip to the supermarket”.  They’ll love me for that one!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 22.09.51